• welcome ! paul enke

    stage director

    acting instructor

    body language & communication coach

  • Radical Coaching

    Body language & communication coaching

  • Teaching

    Basic concepts, acting & dialogue training

  • Directing

    Movement as language

  • Acting & Chansons

    Stage, camera and recitals

  • Biography

    Background and landmarks. Work & family.

Radical Coaching

With his many years of experience acting on the German stage, Paul Enke is uniquely qualified to develop this distinct coaching program.

This program is designed for companies and entrepreneurs, as well as all professionals who work with people on a regular basis. More …


In addition to working as a professional actor, Paul Enke is also employed as a teacher of acting and stage presence at the Franz List School of Music in Weimar. He provides lessons for Opera students studying vocal performance. More …


Through his teaching work at the Weimar School of Music, Paul Enke has been able to try his hand at directing and has developed a musical stage language that places the body in motion at the center of his work. More …

Acting & Chansons

Enke is working as a professional actor for theater and tv productions. He is also a trained Chansonnier. He occasionally works in Musical Theater productions as well as with pianists and other musicians in musical programs.  More …


Paul Enke lives with his wife, and gaggle of children, in the triangle of the german cities Jena, Weimar and Leipzig.