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University classes and private workshops

Acting lessons for University Students

In addition to working as a professional actor, Paul Enke is also employed as a teacher of acting and stage presence at the Franz List School of Music in Weimar. Working in Weimar since 2012, he provides lessons for Opera students studying vocal performance at both the Bachelor and Masters levels. As part of his work as an adjunct faculty member, Enke developed a complex introductory seminar specifically dedicated to acting training. This Seminar is designed as a two-year cycle and culminates at the end of the fourth semester with a musical theater presentation. Enkes concept for a well-rounded acting program combines scene improvisation lessons with essential voice and physical presence training in the introductory seminar. This provides a great physical challenge for the students and encourages them to connect with each other directly on a more playful and instinctively physical level.

Adjunct Faculty Member at the Franz Liszt School of Music in Weimar:

            • Introductory Seminar on Acting

              – Winter Semester 2012/13 to present

            • Lessons in stage-dialog

              – Winter Semester 2013/14 to present

Independent acting lessons

Various stage-specific acting lessons are offered as part of the Radical Coachinprogram. This program covers the entire spectrum of theater performance knowledge ranging from projecting your voice to scene improvisation, character development and auditioning. Through a personal conversation we will design a program, adjusting the scale and scope of the lessons, that specifically fits your needs.

Additional offers:

Individual and group workshops for voice techniques and physical theater with specialized programs for both professional and amateur levels.