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Radical Coaching


The truth will prevail!

Jan Hus

With his many years of experience acting on the German stage, Paul Enke is uniquely qualified to develop this distinct coaching program.
This program is designed for companies and entrepreneurs, as well as all professionals who work with people on a regular basis.
Radical Coaching is the product of much research. By relentlessly putting each person at the center of the work, this process becomes a great challenge for all participants. Doing so allows us to go even deeper in search of the excessive demands. Once we know where our limits are, we can then begin to working on them. By following this process every group, or single participant, will discover their own right through personalized coaching.

This is even possible without the use of excessive video equipment or exercises in front of a mirror.When working with RadicalCoaching these commonly used accessories become as unnecessary as laptops, tables, desk chairs, and all of the familiar conference room furniture that one may be compelled to hide behind in order to stay out of harms way. The experiences that RadicalCoaching make possible are very valuable, long lasting and profound. After working with radicalCoaching you will clearly be able to tell the difference between honest openness and preformed nonchallence. The people you are talking to will become an open book and you will be able to more strongly express and represent your interests.


Offers for business & private purposes

Radical Coaching

Program designed for Companies and Entrepreneurs

This program is designed for anyone that is asked to work with other people on a regular basis – it is for everyone that has to; approach other people, negotiate, search for compromises ,present to small and large groups, and would like to be able to captivate their audience.

  • Here you will be professionally trained, on an individual or group seminar basis, directed on the use of your voice and guided through the “speaking tools.”
  • Here you will learn by studying acting and performance techniques for how to reduce social stress and to cope with unexpected situations with more confidence.
  • Here you will find ways how to reach out to other people, express confidence in your presence and how to powerfully persuade a situation or other people in your favor.


    • regular Radical Coaching sessions
    • Radical Coaching week/ weekend seminar
    • singular Radical Coaching Seminar as an introduction

General Training

Communication and Attention Getting, Private Speech Coaching for everyday situations.

This program is designed for anyone that, aside from their professional work, would like to improve their communication skills and the way they are perceived:

  • Paying attention to your conversation partner and your own body language – How do I position my body throughout the day? Where does my lower-body begin and where does my upper-body stop?
  • Speech training – How are the things that I am saying really perceived?
  • Developing a better command of the interaction between pronunciation, body language, breathing and tone of voice.

The goals and duration of the general Training will be tailored to fit your needs in a preliminary conversation.

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